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Welcome to my website. I completed all links on my site except the 'links' part, I have too many bookmarks and I want to post them in some kind of useful order. Here you will find information on the Canon PowerShot A50 digital camera (my first digicam, since then I have had a Coolpix 3200, Canon SD450, Canon A70, Canon A80, Canon A620, Canon A650 IS), my computers, the IBM PS/2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document (not to be confused with the Sony Playstations), my cars especially my last one: a 1996 Saturn SC2 Classic which I used as a sort of test bed and hobby while I was back in college, some miscellaneous ramblings(my poems), some details about me, and my resume.

Although I am an ASP programmer by trade, I have found PHP is better for my needs in my private websites. PHP offers the same functionality as ASP, but for the ability of finding hosting that's lower cost and offers more functionality, PHP seems the way to go. Already many jobs are asking for LAMP programmers....Linux / Apache / MySQL / Perl-Python-PHP.

I am looking for work currently from freelance page design to a full-time position. I would like a position where I can use the business and IT skills I have learned to automate and improve existing processes.
Also although I have tried to be thorough and accurate in all that you will find here, you agree if you proceed not to hold me responsible for any mishaps that may happen directly or indirectly from using any of the information you may find here or on the links away.

If you have any questions about the site, any of the things I am using, things that you want included, or if you would like me to develop your site send an email to:

If you are looking for information on the Nissan 240SX, go to my 240SX home page here.